Intermodal Stay Fresh Sweden AB
Intermodal transport Stay Fresh

We offer a timetable-controlled, intermodal transport solution which use the railways environmental benefits on the long transport distance and the truck mobility and flexibility on the short routes.
Our service includes refrigerated transports and transportation of dangerous gods. 

We do provide a variety of service levels, all customized to meet with your specific needs.

With the best personalized service with highly competent, and responsible staff we give you that extra touch of service excellence. 

Intermodal Stay Fresh Sweden AB
• Temperature-controlled trailers with a range from -25 to +25 degrees. 

• Double floor with bars for best loading optimization. 

• High security with modern lock. 

• Logging and control of both temperature and position during the whole transport. 

• A win-win situation for all participants in the logistic chain. 

• Environmentally friendly with 70 - 90 % less CO2.
Stay Fresh Sweden AB